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Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) provides leadership and programs to eliminate impaired driving in Ontario and enables people and communities to share resources and information that will prevent injuries and save lives.
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Inside OCCID
Summer 2000

Note our new address on our contact us page this has meant an independent office for OCCID for the first time since our beginning in 1989. The space has already provided a meeting hosted volunteers, and has served as a workspace for our summer student, in addition to all the regular day-today activities. Drop by and check out the new digs at our OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, September 14th, 2000 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Bring a chair!

In addition to partnering on the Manage the Energy conference in February/2001, OCCID is organizing a provincial conference on impaired driving on December 3rd and 4th, 2000.

This year the tournament raised over $18,000.00, bringing the total raised to date to more than $88,000.00. Special thanks to tournament chair David Stewart and his committee for their commitment to making this tournament a success year after year. This year, Drive Straight® was also featured in many (about 20) other tournaments in Ontario.

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®


  • During August, an on-line resources needs assessment survey is being conducted for OCCID by Goldfarb Consultants and facilitated by the LCBO.
  • Goldfarb Consultants will be contacting many OCCID members by e-mail with information on taking part in this internet-based assessment. All participants responses will be strictly confidential and OCCID will receive aggregate information only.
  • This survey provides a vehicle for us to receive feedback on existing OCCID materials and services, and to identify others needed in support of our shared goal of preventing drinking and driving in Ontario. Your participation will be greatly appreciated and will help us improve existing initiatives and identify areas where we can serve you better.

Bottle Drive
This year, 16 communities participated at 47 stores in this years bottle drive. Overall, arrive alive coin-boxes and the bottle drive activities in The Beer Store raised a total of $20,598. $4,695.75 was returned to participating communities (Brampton, Goderich, Guelph, Hanmer, Ingersol, Markham, Napanee, Oakville, Orillia, Peterborough, Port Perry, Smiths Falls, St, Catharines, Sudbury, Tecumseh, Toronto, Whitby).

Update on materials

  1. 1999 Passports . . . does anyone have any left? We still get the occasional request for them, and have few left
  2. There will be penalty charts printed with in the next two months. Keep them in mind for back to school projects or Drug Awareness Week.
  3. Litter Bags printed by Yamaha Motor Canada, with arrive alive DRIVE SOBER message on them. Still available.
  4. Video PSA. Beginning August 2nd, television stations across Ontario were invited to use a new video PSA supported by the Government of Ontario, OCCID and BACCHUS. Please let us know if you see it on air and if you have a GREAT relationship with your own local station, you can help get our message out by forwarding a copy of the tape to your contact.


  • Donation boxes this year in LCBO outlets raised $12,792.80 province-wide, the highest amount yet for OCCID.
  • Partners Against Crime through the Ministry of the Solicitor General provided additional financial support for the campaign, making the video PSA possible.


At the Advisory Groups most recent meeting on June 29, 2000, we reviewed a list of eight top road safety priorities impaired driving was #1. The list included suggestions for Public Education, Research, "Rules of the Road Review", Items Beyond MTOs Mandate/Control, and Current Environment.

Much of what is discussed at the meetings is considered confidential and members at the table are asked not to comment to the press or others, until a formal report has been prepared. The Ministers staff has worked to provide detail on the current legislation (primarily HTA), history of various issues, current status, etc.

OCCID can share the comments submitted by ourselves as suggestions to be included for consideration under the "Drive While Impaired" area:

Public Education

  • Promote the new penalties for impaired driving
  • Print a penalty chart similar to what had included in the arrive alive passport last year.
  • Build links from as many impaired driving sites as possible to an area within the MTO site which lists the penalties.
  • List penalties with explanations in your own Centerline newsletter
  • Post them on the electronic boards on the 400 highways/Allen expressway, etc.
  • Produce signage similar to what exists on the highways listing fines for speeding
  • Make sure all the Q&As used to test new drivers reflects the new penalties at both the provincial and federal level.


  • Evaluate Remedial Measures
  • Better Data

Rules of the Road Review

  • Track 12-hour suspensions and add demerit points/fine/ to 12-hour suspension offence.
  • Change BAC level to ZERO for drivers until the age of 21
  • Change BAC level to ZERO for anyone charged with/convicted of impaired driving

Beyond MTO Mandate

  • Passive Alcohol Sensors to maximize officers ability in detecting impaired drivers.
  • Use of standardized sobriety road testing.


It was with great regret that we received the resignation of Serge Perreault in the Eastern Region of Ontario this past June. Please redirect any requests for information in Eastern Ontario to the OCCID office. Active OCCID members in the region are invited to advise us of their interest in filling the position of Eastern Regional Director.

OCCID has distributed arrive alive passports at Mosport International Raceway this year, we have also had two full-page ads in their programs, and have run a booth during two of the "big" race weekends. The next "big" race weekend is August 26th, and 27th. Would anyone in the area like to come and help out?

In the morning of August 17, MPP Garfield Dunlop will be hosting a meeting todiscuss the possible further use of ignition interlock in Ontario, and the detail of a private members bill that will be introduced in the next session of Provincial Parliament. Please call his office () if you are interested in attending, or to send your written support, write to him at Room 159, Queens Park, ON, M7A 1A8. Fascimile: .

Does anyone know anything about a business called Teens Against Driving Impaired? They are selling chocolate bars door to door in the Toronto area, and appear as a charity but are not. Please call our office if you meet upwith anyone from their group. We would like to contact them by phone.


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