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Sample Dates

Sample dates regarding an over 80 charge and the road back to being legally licensed in Ontario for a first-time offender who causes no harm to him/herself or others. A repeat offender of course would face a three-year "hard suspension" and then a three-year interlock restriction on their licence.

These are SAMPLE DATES based on information in the Peel Region - and will vary depending on the earliest date an offender could enter their guilty plea.

Dates would be something like:

Charged with “over 80” December 25th 2005 (Under optimal circumstances – no collision or property damage, no other charges, not high BAC, etc. )

  • Immediate 90-day licence suspension (until March 25th 2006)

  • Plea guilty ASAP – likely date January 13th or 20th (licence suspended until January 2007)

  • February 2006 – apply to take Back on Track – begins with Assessment – assignment to course – 8 hour or 16 hour. Could have slight waiting list.

  • Complete course meeting program requirements by June 30th 2006 (latest)

  • Have six-month follow up interview January 2007 – get certificate.

  • Communicate with Ministry to get licence back. Receive valid interlock restricted licence by end of February 2007. Arrange for ignition interlock to be installed in vehicle (one week?)

  • Drive without incident for one year February 2008 – apply to have interlock restriction removed.

Minimum Costs:

  • Fine $600 (federal)
  • Back on Track $504
  • Ignition Interlock $1350
  • Insurance - increase of $15,000 ($5,000 annually for three years)
  • Legal Counsel $_________

Other Consequences:

  • Criminal Record
  • Offence stay on licence for 10 years
  • Insurance “surcharge” for three years
  • Down graded from 6-star driving record for total of 6 years

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