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Home Hosting Tips

Alcohol Free
Drink Recipes
Home Hosting PSA A Sample Policy
for the Service of Alcohol

Having a Party? Use our top ten party smart tips:

  1. Plan activities that require little skill
  2. Have alcohol free drinks
  3. Serve lots of snacks
  4. Be prepared for overnight guests
  5. Serve alcoholic drinks yourself
  6. Don't over-serve
  7. Have cash for taxis
  8. Stop serving alcohol early in the evening
  9. Use designated drivers
    and the #1 tip
  10. Drink sensibly yourself.

When you host a party you are responsible for your guests actions and behavior:

  • You are considered legally responsible when you host an event in your home or office, rented hall, golf course, or on municipal property i.e. a park or community center.
  • You can be found liable even if you didnt personally serve your guests alcohol.
  • This means you can be sued if your guest drives home after drinking and is involved in a crash or even falls down the stairs.
  • Protect yourself from a lawsuit and try the tips above to have a safer party.

Ontario's Law for Transporting Alcohol
Section 32(1) of the Liquor Licence Act (LLA) states "No person shall drive or have the care or control of a motor vehicle as defined in the Highway Traffic Act....whether it is in motion or not, while there is contained in the vehicle any liquor, except under the authority of a licence or permit." Section 32(2) is an exception to 32(1) and states " Subsection (1) does not apply if the liquor in the vehicle (a) is in a container that is unopened and the seal unbroken; or (b) is packed in baggage that is fastened closed or is not otherwise readily available to any person in the vehicle."

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