Is it possible to receive expenses for debt consolidation even if postpaid?

There are many law firms that respond to postpay the whole country

The biggest bottleneck in debt consolidation is its cost. Many people say that it is impossible to create such things because they are in trouble with money as they originally debt settled.

Legal offices are not acting in philanthropic activities. Unfortunately we can not accept the request if it is not paid.

However, at present, many law firms are flexible in dealing with such clients. There are currently 47 prefectures in all prefectures that have offices that can start debt consolidation even with postpay.

Debt consolidation can only start the procedure, you can stop collection and repayment from creditors. Therefore, if you are deferred payment you will be able to pay the previous payment. In addition, it is possible that economic margin is born due to overpayment in the aid that successfully debited.

Of course, even if the payment is delayed at the law office, we will not dun such as a lender. From that point as well, you should be able to use it with confidence if you are deferred.

You can start debt consolidation even if you do not have any cash if you are deferred

How much expense is required specifically for debt consolidation? Basically, the fee is at the discretion of each office, but the approximate standards are determined by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations’ Provisions for Discipline of Debt Recovery Cases.

For the fee of paying up to 20,000 yen per company. Reduction fee is up to 10% of reduction. Up to 20% of the refund amount is the maximum amount of overpaid money remuneration. Most law firms in the current law firm adopt fee structure according to this regulation.

Besides this, consultation fee and set-off fee are necessary for debt consolidation. Regarding the consultation fee, places to make it free for everyone to use it freely have also increased.

Although there is no regulation of JFBA in the starting money, it seems that there are many places where it is about 1 to 20 thousand yen per company in general. In some places, there is also a place where we are going free for starting debts. However, in that case, it is not always possible to start the procedure immediately, so be careful.

When choosing a law office, can we start debt consolidation immediately without cash on hand? Let’s check well about that as well.

You can also use debt consolidation with postpay using the legal terrace

Even if I look for a law firm that can postpay it, it may be that some people find it hard to find a place that meets my conditions. At that time, there is also a way to do debt consolidation using the legal terrace.

The Law Terrace is the Japan Legal Support Center established by the State to make it easier for lawyers to receive services. Here, the legal terrace rebuilds all costs of debt consolidation. The client only needs to repay about 10,000 yen a month with postpay. On the legal terrace, this redemption money is used as a source of funds, and it is set as a substitute for another user.

However, there is also a downside that it takes time to judge or you can not choose lawyers yourself. It is never a strong lawyer for debt consolidation, so be careful with that point.

In any case, anyone can do debt consolidation using postpay. Even if you leave multiple debts etc., you will never get better. Let’s consult for free without first giving up because there is no cost.

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